Community Artist, Writer and Storyteller

Exploring Family, Social History and our connection to our world through the written and spoken word.

I am fascinated by people, culture and place. By what connects us, what divides us and what angers us. By how we can change the world by listening to the stories of the many and helping those who feel lost, find their voice. I am inspired by change makers, peace keepers and humanitarians. I am inspired by the notion of home, both in the domestic and the global sense. What does it mean to belong?

I create work with and for people from a wide range of ages, experiences and backgrounds. My practice is Trauma Informed and I have additional qualifications in Level 3 Counselling Skills and in English as Additional Language Teaching.

I work with Culture Warrington, Z-Arts, Manchester Art Gallery and am part of Kindred Folk and co- direct Story Stitchers alongside Tom Barry.

Community Artist

From workshops to gatherings, I foster welcoming rooms and look to create spaces for people to feel connected to possibilities. I greet them as an artist in their own right, aware that they come with their own skills and wisdom . I support them to be courageous and encourage curiosity. There is always room to reflect on any changes that occur in their work and process. So whether they are attending a table top event to share a story or designing a world from scratch, developing new characters or discovering their voice, they are accepted, respected and encouraged.

I run workshops which up skill participants in storytelling, creative writing, voice skills, and puppetry for families, schools, adult learners and older adults. Check out some of my workshops here.

I have been involved in lots of these workshops by Felicity and have surprised myself by what she has helped me achieve. Felicity inspires, encourages, persuades and dares you to ‘ have a go’ filling you with confidence to write down those stories in your head. Even if, like me, you haven’t written anything since school!

Dee, 65, Workshop Participant

I also teach voice both to individuals and in organisations. You can learn more about that here.


I write stories, plays and poems, sometimes I mix both of these together into my work. I am interested in folklore and mythology, family dynamics, a woman’s place and the natural world. I have written plays about mothering, the Holocaust and elderly care.

I have contributed to 100 Voices for 100 years collection, written the text used in On the Border and have been commission by the Pankhurst Trust to turn testimony gathered by Manchester Women’s Aid into a folk tale. I also have written Wild Wonder, a storytelling podcast by Story Stitchers, a CIC I run with Tom Barry. I have written Together, a poetry pamphlet for families. I have collaborated with Kindred Folk and Tuckshop Dance Theatre.

You can listen to some of my work here. I share my work regularly on Instagram


I trained as an Actor at Manchester Metropolitan University over ten years ago. This last decade has given me the opportunity to explore the actors relationship with the audience. I increasingly want to work in a way where there is no boundary between myself the performer and the audience. I also wanted to make work instantly accessible and community focused. Storytelling seemed like a natural path to take. I love the instant bond that I have with an audience and the simplistic nature of the storyteller. I love the fact it is portable and you can take it anywhere. I love the fact it is steeped deep in our history of humanity, much deeper than that of the written word. Storytelling is a wonderful vessel for creating an equal platform for sharing and that is the world that I want to inhabit. One that is open, respectful and tolerant. So whether you are young or old or that place in between, whether you’re figuring out what you want to be when you grow up or if you’re living the dream and whether you can speak or hear or see, storytelling is for you.

Current collections for Schools can be found out about here