Schools & Families


These workshop sessions last between 90 minutes to 2 hours and will have children, young people and families developing a tool kits to tell stories. I have worked with Manchester Art Gallery, Oldham Libraries, Chester Zoo, Culture Warrington and Z-Arts.

World Building

Utopia: Building a Better World, KS2

Can we build a world that works for everyone? This 90 minute workshop will invite children collaborate as a class and explore their identity and values as they create a Utopian world and consider Science Fiction and Fantasy genres.

Dystopia: Ownership and Order, KS3

How do we create a society of control, censorship and constant surveillance? This 90 minute workshop, explores how to collaboratively map out a dystopian world for stories to unfold.

You can watch Red: A Dystopian Fairy Tale, a spoken word piece that supports this workshop here

Imagine A World Where…, Families

From Aliens to Zippy Zebras, this 2 hour workshop has families working together to create a world of whatever they want. The workshop ends with the families having made a board game to take home!

Artivism Workshops

Take the Biscuit, Families and KS2/3

What if eating biscuits could change the world? In this workshop we will learn about the rainforests of Borneo and Sustainable Palm Oil and create our own poetry postcards in order to tell the world about how their choice of biscuit can keep the forest wild.

Change Makers, Families, KS2

Turn those amazing people who changed the world into Heroes of Folklore. Drawing inspiration from the Feminist Folklore and Transformation Tales (see below), We will celebrate the people who stood up to make the world a fairer place for everyone.


Below you will find some of the different collections that I have curated and/ or written. These sessions cover a diverse age range of audiences and can be delivered in a variety of settings. I have performed at Bradford Literature Festival, Manchester Libraries, Z-Arts and Liverpool Victoria Museums.

Songs and Stories, 2-5 year olds

Songs and Stories combines a classic children’s picture book and a singing session for children aged 2 to 5. Sessions run from 30 -45 mins depending on the average age of the child. The session includes new and familiar songs, musical instruments, and movement. An Arts and Craft activity can be added to this session. This collection has been been performed in Libraries, Schools, Nurseries and Arts Centres.

We had the best feedback from the families, like ‘she’s amazing’, ‘that was brilliant’, ‘wow she’s good!’. So please come back next year!

Miriam Wild, Children & Young People’s Programme Coordinator
Manchester Literature Festival

Little Feminist Folklore 6+

Based on the lives of real heroes, this collection of tales has strong female leads going on exciting adventures, overcoming the odds and taking on powerful villains. From rocky mountain passes to hidden houses in the woods, these tales support the notion that anyone can be anything with a little knowledge and a lot of bravery. Little Feminist Folklore is more than dragons and talking spiders and castles in the sky (though this magic is an important ingredient). By sparking children’s imagination, these tales encourage children to reach higher, think deeper, and live more compassionately. The tales show humans rising above that which is expected of them and in doing so, raising the mountain higher for others to get a better view. Little Feminist Folklore is suitable for libraries, schools, museums, tents and arts centres for audiences aged 6 plus (although younger children may enjoy it.) This is an ever growing collection that currently includes tales about Malala Yousafai, Irena Sendler and Emmeline Pankhurst.

Our little (and older) visitors have loved hearing Felicity’s inspiring and spellbinding tales. Her special story, ‘Mother Hunger’, inspired by Emmeline Pankhurst, was the perfect tale for our recent celebration of Emmeline Pankhurst’s birthday, and gave a brilliant introduction to the history of women’s equality to younger listeners. Thank you Felicity!”

Rachel Sills, The Pankhurst Centre

Transformation Tales, 6+

Join Flick and as we marvel at ordinary people transforming into the extraordinary. Dive down deep under the sea, climb over rocky mountain passes and get lost in the Forgotten Frozen Forest. Help uncover hidden heroes, shape the story and explore the power of change.