Training Days

I can run workshops that are multidisciplinary covering different aspects of presentation, teamwork and leadership skills.

I am available for training and team building Days within both the public and the private sector. I can run workshops that are multidisciplinary covering different aspects of presentation, teamwork and leadership skills.

Using my knowledge and understanding, I work with the participants to find authenticity, release their voice and reach their audience. I offer a range of training programmes and can create a bespoke package to meet the needs of your business or organisation.


When nerves are getting too much

 Public Speaking

Introduction to the different components of voice.

Improve awareness of body, breath and articulators.

Warm up exercises.

Storytelling techniques to engage audience.

Improving resonation for greater authenticity.


Storytelling techniques to create empathy.

Audience driven delivery.

Transporting ideas from speaker to listener.

Exercises to release the voice to its full potential.

Exercises to help build confidence.

“Presentation literacy isn’t an optional extra for the few. It’s a core skill for the twenty-first century.”

Chris J. Anderson – TED Talks


Telephone Manner

Improving articulation and diction.

Exercises to improve movement of breath in the body.

Combatting flat, cold and dull voices.

Establishing rapport with customer or client.

Bringing the voice to the present.

Team Building

Stretches and Singing for vocal well being.

Drama exercises to improve group risk taking and complicity.

Lightening the load exercises to trigger laughter and inhibition.

Understanding how the brain perceives information.

Improve communication.


“I thought the drama workshop was a really fun, different activity. Felicity was brilliant, really nice, engaging, funny and motivational.”

“Felicity has a natural gift for knowing what to say & when and intuitively knows what may be getting in the way of confident speaking.”

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say how valuable your visit has been for us, and thank you for your expert tips and techniques. I think some of our younger employees learnt a lot more about themselves than they thought they would…they all came in on Monday morning with a “go to” attitude and I could really hear the difference in their telephone manner instantly.”



(for up to 6 participants)

Half day rate: £300 (3 hours)

Full day rate: £600 (6 hours)

Additional participants: £50 for half day/ £100 for a full day.

Fee capped at £1000 for a day rate.

Costs are inclusive of VAT. Travel is additional if journey exceeds a 20 mile radius.


An enclosed room with space for group to move around in.

Participants to come in clothes suitable to move in.

Access to the room 20 minutes prior to the workshop.

To find out more, or book a date, please get in touch