FAQ Voice Lessons

What is Voice training?

Voice training is about building your confidence in your ability to communicate. It will help you to celebrate your voice with its individual qualities. During a workshop, you will be training the muscles in the body to allow the voice to have clearer expression of thoughts and feelings through working on pronunciation, vocal energy and dealing with any habits that affect the way you communicate. The lessons will allow you to take greater pleasure from your natural voice by understanding more about it.

Why do we need Voice training?

The short answer is Life. Bad postural habits and a culture that prioritises head-led living pulls many people from their ability to connect with their breath. As a result we have a lack of breath support. Without breath support our voices become hollow and thin. We may struggle to vocalise our thoughts, because that lack of breath stops the messages in our brain communicating effectively. Have you ever tripped over your words, or said something that you hadn’t quite meant to say? That’s because of lack of breath support.

There are many reasons why someone might want to work on their voice, including reasons that someone new to voice work may have not considered. Perhaps there isn’t variety in their speech and they feel that their voices are boring, or they think other people don’t hear them when they speak. Life in a fast paced, heavily populated society where we are surrounded by technology makes it difficult to connect with our voices.

Who needs voice training?

Everyone. I have worked with CEOs looking to improve their presentation skills, to a plumber who has to make a good first impression over the phone. I’ve worked with parents looking to improve their ability to read stories to their children, to actors needing some help with audition preparation. I have worked with non-native English speakers who need more practice with their pronunciation to children who are shy.

I have a lot of people enquiring about accent reduction, accent softening or asking to speak in R.P. or with a ‘Posh voice’. I find when a student struggles with their accent, it can be due to poor diction, speaking too quickly, flatly or quietly and in fact has nothing to do with their accent. As a teacher I encourage the student to connect with their unique vocal identity rather than copying the way other people speak.

The main thing that all of my students have in common is a desire to build their confidence in their voice.

What will I do in a Voice Workshop?

Everyone’s voice is different. I facilitate fun and relaxed workshops which really help students get the most out of the work and their voice. The workshops will involve discussions about you and your voice and learning different exercises for you to put into practice at home. The aim is to empower you in discovering your voice and take ownership of the way you communicate. The work is heavily influenced by Alexander Technique, creative voice practice and knowledge about the voice and body I learned whilst training at drama school.

I am also available to hire with groups of people for training days. From those working in the corporate sector to schools and community groups.

Looking for some more information? Try some exercises or contact me, Let’s Talk