The Class Story Book – KS1 and KS2

As a class, create a a tale and make it into a book. In this collaborative class session, children learn about the narrative story structure ‘The Heroes Journey’ and build their own tale. Working together in small groups and using recycled resources, children create a different page the gets bound into a class book.

This session can be repeated with different classes up to four times within a school day and is delivered with fellow storyteller Tom Barry. We can also tell an interactive story at the start of the day, during an assembly that models the Hero’s Journey narrative structure.

Tom and Flick were fabulous. The story telling assembly was fun packed and the children absolutely loved it.
The teachers were amazed at what the children were able to produce in an hour long workshop. Each class worked together to create, write and illustrate their own class book using natural and recycled materials. The best story tellers we have ever had!

K. Hughes, Assistant Head, Alma Park

If you would like to book this experience for your school or find out more information, please get in touch.

By Flick

Voice Teacher, Writer and Theatre Maker

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